Job Hunting: Should you press your Natural tresses?

So I have the daunting task of searching for a new job. Anybody that has been in this position knows that this can be nerve racking! The idea of waking up each day and checking your inbox to see if anyone has gotten back to you. Or applying for hundreds of jobs that you think you may qualify for but not one of those companies gives you a callback. The process can lead you to drink. Seriously.


When I started, I was faced with a number of questions: How will they react to my hair? Should I straighten it? Push it back with a headband? Do I wear a wig? Will my hair affect me not getting this position? Will I catch them looking at my hair? And YES! All of these questions flew through my head at the same damn time.

I quickly pushed all of these thoughts out of my head because:

1. I LOVE my hair.

2: Theres no way Im going to apply heat to my hair everyday especially when Ive been on a no heat strike since July.

3. I dont have any extra money to buy a wig- not a good one anyway! Lol

4. My resume speaks for itself. If I can be passed over for a position because of my hair then I wasnt meant to work for that company anyway. (Cocky much? I guess. Lol)

In other words, the answer to all of my questions: I dont care. No. No. No. I dont care. I dont care. Lol


Let me hear from you! Any others have reservations about how their natural hair affects their professional appearance? I wanna know! 


Not at all close to what my mini Fro looks like but just as a reference... lol

Not at all close to what my mini Fro looks like but just as a reference… lol

5 Things To Consider Before You Decide To Do the BIG CHOP

Whenever you decide to revert back to your natural state of hair- You have to make a choice. Either you decide to Big Chop or Transition. Personally, I felt as if I needed to Big Chop in order for my hair to grow and flourish the way I wanted it to. It wasnt a decision that I thought long and hard on. It was literally a day when I got up and said, ” Im going to do it today.”

I understand that others may not be as a daring or decisive as I was at that time. So here are a few things to help you with making the decision.

1. Make A List

Since the new year has come upon us I have been making tons and tons of lists- For EVERYTHING. Its helps to keep me organized in my otherwise scattered brained life. List the Pros and Cons of Natural Hair. Challenges? Goals?

2. Will you have the Time?

Some people believe that once you return you hair to its natural state, the haircare regimens stop. This is not the case at all. They actually become more tedious and time consuming. If you are a person who would rather wake up and throw your hair into a ponytail then this lifestyle may not be for you.

3. You Will Be Shocked

Please refer back to my post “I Am Not My Hair’ — Most of us have never seen or do not ever remember seeing what our natural hair looks like. You will ask yourself over and over again for 24 hours ” WTF did I do!?’ Your hair will NOT look the way you thought it would. It just wont. Most of us have never seen or do not ever remember seeing what our natural hair looks like. After it happens.. Remember to breathe. Lol

4. Water is Your Best Friend

Aside from the fact that drinking water is essential and good for your health. Its also going to be essential for your hair because it will be extremely dry. You can dump a whole gallon of water on it and use a tub of moisturizer and within the hour it will be dry again. Refer to my post, the LOC method and keep practicing this daily and you’ll start to notice the changes. Look at it this way, you’ll never need an umbrella. 🙂

5. Consider Your Journey

We’ve all seen the pictures of the girl with the big curly luxurious fro and we want that! BUT you will not do your hair any good if you think your hair will look like that in a month, year or even two years time. Everyones hair grows at its own rate. And yes there are millions of products out there that promote quick hair growth, but you have to consider that this may NOT be your journey. And thats okay because without a doubt your journey will still be beautiful.

I hope that these things give you a general idea and help you in your decision to either big chop or not.  And as always I love to hear your thoughts. Please share them!

Ancient Secrets Hair Oil

So I was introduced to this product through my inspiration to revert back to me natural state, Diggz.

See her video below!

This video made me quite the believer in the product. And I just had to have some. So quickly after I did my Big Chop, I signed up for a regular monthly shipment of this MAGIC Oil. It came rather quickly and I was able to converse back and forth through mail with the creator of the oil before its arrival. Truth is, she had been using it for years! But decided to finally share it with the public a few years ago.

My hair has never felt so great! I use it twice it day; Once in the morning and then again before I go to bed. I believe that with this product in conjunction with my biotin pills is what has helped my hair grow a total of 5 inches (yes 5!!) in the last 4 months. Im extremely grateful to the CEO for sharing this awesome potion with us and for continuing to have great customer service.

To purchase or to find out more details, click the link below!

Ancient Secrets Hair Oil

The Side Part

Lets face it- after the Big Chop your style choices are pretty limited. I have been toying around with the idea of color, chopping it again and racking my brain to figure out what else I can do to set my Big Chop off!

I came across this picture of Solange Knowles a couple of weeks ago and I fell in love with her part!


So last night for my besties holiday party, I tried it out!



To create this look, I simply co-washed me hair in the shower. After getting dressed I rewet my hair with water from my spray bottle, used the Ancient Secrets Hair Oil, and applied some of Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding to my entire fro. This method is also known as the LOC method- meaning Liquid, Oil and Creme.

After that regimen I took my rat tail comb and started from crown and worked my way down to my edges to create the side part. Not only was it fun, quick and easy but I got a load of compliments from my friends!

What are some of the ways that you style your TWA?

curlBOX Strikes Again!

So you wait and wait and finally you get that monthly email that says ‘Get your curlBOX membership this Saturday at 3pm!’ *does a little jig* Yesss! Im finally in there!!

And then Saturday rolls around and you’re ready- refreshing the site and on GO for when the clock strikes 3.

Insert- whiny child, naptime and the impromptu visit from your Dad and before you know it, its 3:30. But you think to yourself- Maybe I still have a chance! You refresh the site once more to read….


And you cry!!! Ladies this has been a recurring episode in my house on a monthly basis! I just want IN! Why cant I enjoy all the products and goodies that this magical box beholds!? Why cant I partake in the joy of having a monthly gift sitting on my doorstep when i return from a stressful day at work!?

Im so saddened at this point. All I can do is wait. Next month im gonna be ready. Bet that!

I Am Not My Hair

I stopped taking care of my hair somewhere between my last day of high school and my first semester in college.
Once I got out on my own, I started putting glue in it, sewing it up, dying it (myself) and I never slept with a scarf!

The real damage came after I gave birth to my son five years ago. At that point i didnt care about my hair at all. I never took the time to nurture and make it grow. I wore sew in after sew in- after sew in. And pretty much covered up the fact that my hair was damaged tremendously underneath all the three bundles of Indian Remy.


In August of this year, I had finally had enough. My crown had completely stopped growing and my edges were non existent. So I literally woke up on morning and said to myself ‘Ive had enough. Its time.’ I got off work and drove straight to the Hair Cuttery (big mistake) because it was the only place I knew that I could get it all chopped off really cheap and quickly.

I went in with a completely different picture in mind than I walked out of there with. The experience was horrible and I literally cried while sitting in the chair. My mind was racing, my palms were sweaty and I felt like I had made the biggest mistake in the world. Afterwards, I immediately got up and walked to the closest liquor store to buy the biggest bottle of wine that I could find.

The reactions that I received later on that night from my friends were varied- which did NOT help me at all. And I spent the night trying my hardest to figure out what to do with my hair and the answer was– NOT a DAMN THING because I had chopped it all off!

I woke up the next morning and the first thing I did was look in the mirror. It was at that time that I realized the shape of my eyes and the pronounced curve of my jawline and I literally said to myself ‘Im beautiful.’ That morning at Wawa (while I got coffee) I received a total of three compliments (I counted) and when I arrived to work everyone had something nice to say about my new cut. It was extremely nice and and ego boost.

Long story short– I am in love with my hair! Every kink, curl and frizz! I have taken a newfound liking to trying out different products and figuring out what works for me and my hair! Its new to me to actually enjoy taking care of it. Im free from perms and I have decided that Im going heat-free until I reach the length that I want to achieve- even if it takes me years.


My Pretty Natural

Ive been wanting to get back into writing for awhile. And Ive been putting it off for years. Ive started books, blogs, short stories, poems and digital magazines. My problem- The follow through.

So after I decided to do the Big Chop ( we’ll discuss that deeper later) in August of this year, I was constantly reading natural haircare blogs and watching YouTube tutorials. Pretty much searching for the best possible way to grow my hair back the quickest and healthiest way that I could. Ive come to find that every hair journey is different. And If I wanted to grow mine- It would have to be through trial and error and doing it my way!

Im starting this blog to document MY natural haircare journey and the steps Im taking to grow a full and healthy mane! And share my love for all things pretty and natural.

Join me for this journey!