New Year; Old Ne’

I overanalyze, overthink and stress over the smallest things- Im human! Add being a single mother, working a full time job plus various side projects and running a household- Im downright insane. Could even be diagnosed at this point!

Im a nurturer by nature. I want everyone to get along, be at peace and in general just be okay! I have to admit that I have neglected myself over the past few years and have slowly been digging this hole of confusion and self-pity.

You know the cliche; New year, New Me. But this year Im just trying to get back to the old me. And I will do so by any means- Starting with my writing. Its always been a passion and a release for me and I have strayed far away from it and I need it back!

Needless to say Im excited about the 2014! And I would love to hear some of your thoughts. How will you get back to the old you or continue on the path to becoming the you – you want to be?