3 Protective Styles to Try this Winter!

If you are in located in the Northeast area of the US like I am, you understand that Mother Nature has not been to kind to us in the last couple of weeks. The up and down temperatures along with record breaking lows, ice and blizzards have left searching Timehop for sunny days and wondering if we’ll ever get back to that happy place again. Not only is this weather depressing to the psyche— It can also be depressing for our hair.

While it is very important to keep your hair moisturized in these harsh temperatures, you also want to give it a break every once in awhile. I have three protective styles that are fun, versatile and so I have heard are very easy to install on your own.




marley twists marley2 marley3




faux2 faux3 faux




crochet4 crochet2 crochet3


There are tons of YouTube videos and visuals floating around the internet on how to do these styles. They may take some time but since we’re all pretty much stuck in the house anyway— why not try these out!? Lol




Thats How I Feel!

Referring back to me last post-‘Keep Me Away From the Scissors’- I have not been able to put them down yet!

Living by the mantra, ‘Its Just Hair’ I pretty much feel as though if I mess up, I can cut it all off and guess what!? It will grow back!! Im having way too much fun playing with different looks and Ive finally decided on a color!

Cant wait to reveal it!