The Real> Your Expectations

Do yall remember this past summer when Beyonce revealed her short pixie cut to the public? The cut was totally different from the long free-flowing locks we’ve always saw her rock. And I admit, I loved the new look on her!

Beyonce's Pixie Cut

Beyonce’s Pixie Cut

Fast forward to 5 days later, that exact cut is what I envisioned my hair to look like as I sat down in the chair to endure the first snip. Now you may be thinking, “What?” or “How/” or “Who lied to you!?” …. Truth is I told myself I would get a cute little pixie cut and rock that all free and natural and I would have little wisps of hair blowing when I walked! NOT! I had a bunch of kinky, curly fuzzy hair all over the top of my head and I couldn’t help but think, “What the FCUK did I do!?” In my previous post, “I Am Not My Hair”, I explained that it took me a few days to be fully comfortable with my newly found freedom. But to be honest, the real is way better than your expectations!

Now, I’m not one to try to convert you back to natural or persuade anyone into anything. This post is completely about MY journey and what is working for me. The freedom that comes along with rocking your natural hair is liberating, empowering and as my co-worker puts it “Its my middle finger to the man!” LOL! Natural hair is so versatile and to be honest at this point in my life, it’s as low maintenance as it comes. Perhaps I will not be saying this once I retain a bit more length but as for now, I’m rocking with it!

The moral is: Sometimes reality can exceed your expectations. Take risks.


2 thoughts on “The Real> Your Expectations

  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing this relate able topic and I love what your coworker said! I’ve been natural a year and nearly 5 months. I’ve had my challenges and inspirational pics are great to look at, but achieve the look? Sigh-Ha! But I’m finding my way and I’m just happy it’s soft and healthy! I post pics of me wearing protective styles keepingy hair under wraps…someday I will let it free but til then I have to keep it in a ponytail to keep from touching its softness! Still kinky though but it’s mine! Proud!


    • thank you!!! and yes! im loving my kinks! i never thought that i would being as though i had been addicted to the creamy crack for sooo long. any signs of kinks and i would just throw some perm in it…smh. my hair has seen has some rough times and im extremely happy now thats its healthy! 🙂

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