The LOC Method

The LOC Method has been proven over time to help your hair retain moisture. In my previous post, I said that once you Big Chop your hair can become very dry. The LOC Method is a sure-fire way to keep your tresses moisturized. I practice these steps in the morning when I wake up and repeat these steps before I go to bed.



The Lis for LIQUID. I keep a spray bottle filled with water. So Im ready to spritz at any time of the day. And when Im at work, everytime I use the restroom, I throw some water in my hair. Lol



The O is for OIL. I am a firm believer that my Ancient Secrets Hair Oil is whats giving me the tremendous growth on my hair. And until you’ve seen what my hair looked like before as in comparison to now- You cant tell me ANY different. The ingredients in this magical mixture include: Aloe Vera, T- Tree oil, Jojoba, Ginger, Organic Coconut, Egyptian Basil, Egyptian Fennel and Olive Oil. Each of these essential oils is broken down to prevent any irritation or burning to the skin.



The is for Creme or Cream. This can mean many different things to many different people. Ive found what works for me and is Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. Just a dollop of this on my hair will leave it feeling soft and lightweight all day! Not to mention it smells great!

Using these three things daily has made an impact on the health of my hair and the way it looks and feels. If practiced regularly, you can begin to see the difference too.

Any of my fellow naturalistas follow this method? What products do you use? Please share!




This Saturday! curlBOX Opens Up Their VIP Membership

Last month I told yall that I would certainly be waiting and ready to catch me a VIP curlBOX Membership this month. Well! I just received that good ol’ faithful monthly email saying that Membership will be opening up THIS Saturday at 3pm EST! Anybody who has been waiting to get one- Dont miss your chance this weekend!




Excuse Me While I Rant

Just finished a debate on an Instagram post by a boutique owner – who shall remain nameless. She posted this picture:


And proceeded to say that she was happy that she won and her hair looks great! But natural hair is not for everybody. Hmmmmm.

Now you #teamnatural came out of kinks to respond to this- Including me! And I never get into meaningless and debates on any social network but I felt the need to voice my opinion on such an ignorant comment/opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether it be good or bad. But to say that natural does not look good on everybody is to say that the skin color you were born with does not suit you- You were born that way!

She went on to explain that what she meant was: ‘Some people use being natural as an excuse to not keep up with their appearance. They roll out of bed and not do anything to their hair.’
Well some women with relaxed hair do the same thing also. So there’s no difference there. There are plenty of times when I roll out of bed and I do not have to do anything to my hair at all expect for take my scarf off. Yet my hair does not look unkept or messy.

There were other comments as well from people who were supportive of this post. Women were saying that ‘being natural is trend.’ I hear this a lot and I feel as though, my hair is not a trend. Trends are things that fade with time and come back again. My natural hair is here to stay. Its been with me since birth and it will be with me when I leave this earth. There is no way I would go back to a process that is damaging to my hair. I returned natural because I wanted to grow strong and healthy hair. And relaxing it every 6-8 weeks was not doing anything but damaging it.

I feel as though people have become so accustomed to how their hair is supposed to LOOK as opposed to how its supposed to BE. I do not knock anyone who has relaxed hair. Its just not for me anymore. But I do not take it too lightly if you try and knock mine either. Especially making rude and ignorant comments that have no substance.

My thing is keep the negative comments to yourself. If its not for you- Its not for you and that goes with anything. It hurts to see black women so divided on a subject where we should be banding together.

I apologize for my rant. Just had to vent.


Thats How I Feel!

Referring back to me last post-‘Keep Me Away From the Scissors’- I have not been able to put them down yet!

Living by the mantra, ‘Its Just Hair’ I pretty much feel as though if I mess up, I can cut it all off and guess what!? It will grow back!! Im having way too much fun playing with different looks and Ive finally decided on a color!

Cant wait to reveal it!



5 Things To Consider Before You Decide To Do the BIG CHOP

Whenever you decide to revert back to your natural state of hair- You have to make a choice. Either you decide to Big Chop or Transition. Personally, I felt as if I needed to Big Chop in order for my hair to grow and flourish the way I wanted it to. It wasnt a decision that I thought long and hard on. It was literally a day when I got up and said, ” Im going to do it today.”

I understand that others may not be as a daring or decisive as I was at that time. So here are a few things to help you with making the decision.

1. Make A List

Since the new year has come upon us I have been making tons and tons of lists- For EVERYTHING. Its helps to keep me organized in my otherwise scattered brained life. List the Pros and Cons of Natural Hair. Challenges? Goals?

2. Will you have the Time?

Some people believe that once you return you hair to its natural state, the haircare regimens stop. This is not the case at all. They actually become more tedious and time consuming. If you are a person who would rather wake up and throw your hair into a ponytail then this lifestyle may not be for you.

3. You Will Be Shocked

Please refer back to my post “I Am Not My Hair’ — Most of us have never seen or do not ever remember seeing what our natural hair looks like. You will ask yourself over and over again for 24 hours ” WTF did I do!?’ Your hair will NOT look the way you thought it would. It just wont. Most of us have never seen or do not ever remember seeing what our natural hair looks like. After it happens.. Remember to breathe. Lol

4. Water is Your Best Friend

Aside from the fact that drinking water is essential and good for your health. Its also going to be essential for your hair because it will be extremely dry. You can dump a whole gallon of water on it and use a tub of moisturizer and within the hour it will be dry again. Refer to my post, the LOC method and keep practicing this daily and you’ll start to notice the changes. Look at it this way, you’ll never need an umbrella. 🙂

5. Consider Your Journey

We’ve all seen the pictures of the girl with the big curly luxurious fro and we want that! BUT you will not do your hair any good if you think your hair will look like that in a month, year or even two years time. Everyones hair grows at its own rate. And yes there are millions of products out there that promote quick hair growth, but you have to consider that this may NOT be your journey. And thats okay because without a doubt your journey will still be beautiful.

I hope that these things give you a general idea and help you in your decision to either big chop or not.  And as always I love to hear your thoughts. Please share them!